Modern Homesteading on a Smaller Scale.

The Big People

The Big People

Val is the farmer, writer, bread baker, and reader of the fam. I love cooking, eating, moving my bod and spending time laughing with my friends and family. When not in homestead-mode, I’m either shopping for groceries, playing too much on facebook, or teaching outdoor classes.

 James is the builder in this operation and also (thankfully) the person who deals with all the poop that a family with a dog, two cats, a baby, and a composting toilet bring about. I, of course, mean that both literally and figuratively. When not riding around on the tractor or dealing with the compost bins, James is across the water working on someone’s bicycle, repairing or making a canvas cover for a local’s boat top, or playing Mass Effect (with headphones on) in our room.

Stella is the reason for this whole family-centered homesteading experiment. She is the greeter, dancer, and bringer-of-joy to basically everyone she meets (no pressure, kid.)

Takoda (or, Koda the Dog) is best friend extraordinaire and the chief clean-up officer now that Stella eats at the table. He loves sleeping on the bed, running around outside, and playing with pinecones.

Poldy and Little Mac were adopted by Val from the shy cat room at a Chicago no-kill shelter way back in the day. Poldy came first and, after volunteering there for six months and finding later that the two had lived together since they were kittens, I finally adopted Mac Attack as well. When the dog is away, the cats will… lounge around downstairs. When he’s around, only Poldy ventures from the loft, which has become something of a Cat Clubhouse.