Modern Homesteading on a Smaller Scale.

Summer Wanes.

Summer Wanes.

It’s been chilly in chez Tiny House the last few mornings and I have been loving the feeling of (almost) Fall after such an oppressive summer. My toes are cold, I can see the cows’ breath puff in front of them from across the pasture, and the dew is sparkling on the grass after the fog lifts around 8am. Stella has been waking up with me, too, so my mornings are less cuddle-under-the-Pendelton blanket-on-the-couch-with-a-steamy-cup-of-coffee and more stumbling-around-at-6:30-trying-not-to-wake-the-husband. The coffee, of course, is cold or still sitting lonesome in the microwave but what can you do? I finally managed to rid my kitchen/main living area of the three boxes of “for-us” produce I’ve been moving from surface to surface the last couple days which means I’m allowed to sit here during Stella’s nap and write to you. I had zucchinis, eggplant, dozens of pounds of tomatoes, lots of heirloom apples, and potatoes that got too close to the fork to contend with. We had a “domestic goddess” day today– baking bread, making sauerkraut, and processing tomatoes to freeze. So long, big boxes, hello freezer!


I have a big kid, all of a sudden! The challah got started about 6:30am and the house is still covered in flour.

The night before I made a tasty apple, raisin, and brown butter compote (essentially apple cobbler without the top) and we had that as an afternoon snack and then as dessert with some yogurt. We have dozens of quart bags of apple sauce in the freezer for the year to come, too.

I have a Freezer Inventory list going in my journal and I’m hoping to make some time this month to get a few big bags of kale frozen, just in case the winter is harsher than the norm. No peas nor beans made the cut, but we’ve got all sorts of fruit so that’s something… I guess it will be a pie-filled winter.


My first time using the Trellis and Co. Pickle Helix. Wish me, and the kraut, luck!


The house smells so good with bread fresh out of the oven. A nice change from the heat of summer for sure!


Eventually I’m going to learn how to braid…



On a walk with “BaBa”.