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Farm Journal May 10th-20th

Farm Journal May 10th-20th

It was a busy week on the farm, that’s for sure! The weather has made it much easier to work and the burst of warmth after bouts of rain has made the vegetables really come to life. The chois, spinach, and different mustard greens are especially looking good and the lettuces probably had the biggest growth from the start of the week to the end. The temperature still dropped into the very low 40s at night, which shocked some of the squash transplants that were hardening off. They are back in the greenhouse but might wind up in the compost pile soon. Luckily we’ve entered Spring Proper this week and it doesn’t look like it should drop below 45 for the foreseeable future.


Some transplants that are hardening off/ waiting for space to occupy in the ground.

I had originally planned on starting at the Market May 20th, but I’m still glad I didn’t, seeing as it was Viking Fest weekend so the market was pretty dead and the vegetables could still do with another couple weeks in the ground. I’m forecasting June 3rd as our official start date! I did some market prep this week, though, and began laminating my hand-lettered signs made by Bremerton artist and friend, Jacquelyn Speare. She also painted our beautiful sandwich board sign.



Signs ready to become a sandwich board.

I spent my Stella-free day cleaning out the greenhouse so we could plant in there. I’ll need to put some soil in, since it’s pretty hardpacked clay right now, but hopefully I can build it up over time and get it healthier.


The Before Shot.


And I weeded the biggest patch in the field with Stella in-tow. Have a lovely week!

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