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Farm Journal April 23- May 9th

Farm Journal April 23- May 9th

Finally some sun!! It was amazing how quickly the fields dried over the course of three sunny days— from little pools where the tomatoes used to live to (just barely) tillable soil. Last night James came home after an incredibly long day of work and hopped on the tractor, going over the well-watered grassy garden plot five or six times. It now looks more like a piece of farm land and not someone’s ill-kempt lawn! Hoorah!
Balance has been the name of the game these last few weeks. I still am working at REI and James got a new job on the other side of the water and is putting in a lot of hours. I still feel like I’m about to wobble off the balance beam and taking it slowly isn’t exactly an option when, like last night, you’ve got only a few hours of daylight here before the rain hits again. So I’m making a master list for the entire week, splitting up the work to-dos and the life to-dos and hopefully that will make it work on my end. And soon!


At the other plot, I weeded and thinned a bunch of lettuces, weeded the first and second plantings of asian greens and radishes, and we transplanted cherry, paste, and some heirloom tomatoes into the field. Since space is so tight, we put the tomatoes in spots where some lettuce varieties didn’t germinate. It’s like vegetable tetris!


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